Shopify Jewelry Themes for Jeweler Cart Jewelers & Manufactures

Shopify jewelry themes

In 2018, accessories and bags occupied a 29% share of online buying. Additionally, this share of world buying is quickly growing. Indeed, the sale of jewelry items can be an excellent way to be a happy participator in this area. Thus there’s no need to allude the fame of jewelry items as everyone understands how massive the trade is. Above all, jewelry items are lightweight and straightforward to carry. Thus, as a trade owner, you should concentrate on offline as well as web marketing. Incidentally, to set yourself up as a business, you first need to have an efficient shop. Thus, that said, here are the best Shopify jewelry themes.

 Best Shopify jewelry themes


Shopify jewelry themes

This theme has a specially designed Shopify jewelry theme for women. Also, with its changeover focused Shopify pattern, you can grow your sales. Additionally, you can also use this theme in advertising other style-associated items. Thus, you have the chance to advance your trade with this useful eCommerce theme. Luckily, with Shopify being a drag and drop podium for non-lacer. You do not need any aid or support from others to build your shop from the ground. But the crucial attributes of this template are.

  • Four styled arrangements.
  • Suitable for a vast listing.
  • High definition slide display and multiple column menu
  • Interchangeable design homepage.
  • Homepage video and swift purchase attribute  


Shopify jewelry themes

Amongst all the fashion components, jewelry is one of the significant. Additionally, its market has been increasing every day. Thus, if you’re searching for Shopify jewelry themes, involving the attributes. Of advertising fashion-connected items, you should consider Kenza. Besides, a mobile responsive display. And excellent qualities make this template appropriate for eCommerce sites. Thus, you can see it in promoting a broad arrangement of fashion-associated items. But, the principal characteristics of this pattern are

  • 7+ bright-colored homepage design.
  • Instagram block and shop history
  • Particulars count down, and classification slide bar
  • Item slider and smart blog.
  • Entirely recorded and Retina set exhibit.


Shopify jewelry themes

When you have a blog page with a buying page, this theme would be more efficient and productive. Also, the template is appropriate for drop-shipping, and electronic commerce intends. Furthermore, with its jewelry concentrated blueprint. It comes with a stylish and lavish appearance. Additionally, a large number of technical functions permit a free end-user experience. Here are the principal attributes of this template.

  • Four ready-made innovative homepages.
  • Numerous appealing header choices.
  • Agreeable with Oberlo affiliation and dropshipping.   
  • Blog attributes and an epic menu.
  • Custom-built classification menu.


Shopify jewelry themes

This is another product concentrated Shopify theme that comes with huge depiction blocks. Honestly, it’s why the template is appropriate for increasing your sales and viewers. Aside from that, it has a homepage video segment. Thus you can attach particulars about your full item. Additionally, you’ll become trustworthy to your viewers. Also, a broad arrangement of color suppleness and simple customizing make it exceptional. Furthermore, here are the essential attributes of this theme.

  • Instagram attributes.
  • Consumer endorsement and homepage video
  • Swift item review with a receptive layout.
  • Color swatch and Disqus blog remarks


Diamic is a multiuse Shopify jewelry template that’ll guarantee the ideal end-user experience. Besides, from its look to characteristics. All the components are adept and striking. Additionally, you’ll discover all your coveted parts here to adorn your site easily. In fact, the clean and exquisite layout aid in growing the rate of conversion. Thus, below are the main characteristics of this theme.

  • Agreeable with Oberlo.
  • Several designs and blog pages 
  • Region and multilingual.    
  • Visual builder for Shopify.
  • Collection listing, item carousel, epic menu and slider


Shopify jewelry themes

In the case of expensive items such as jewelry products and precious stones, you must see to it. You have a costly display of your products to get the anticipated conversion. Thus, from this outlook, Newelise is one of the ideal jewelry Shopify themes here. But this is the latest product in this catalog of responsive gems Shopify templates. Indeed, you can advance your gems business. Mainly decorations and precious stones through this attractive theme. Below are the principal characteristics of the theme.

  • It has parallax upshot, and it’s entirely responsive.
  • It has a multi-currency and multi-lingual feature. 
  • It’s search engine optimization friendly and cellphone optimized.
  • Megamenu and item carousel features.

Shine and sparkle.

Indeed, the display of your item vital in the electronic commerce trade. Thus you must describe why your pieces are ideal in business. Else no one will buy an item from your store. Fortunately, you can do this tedious task with shine and sparkle. Besides, this multiuse theme involves a large number of template choices for designing. Thus, you do not need to worry about creating and displaying your items. In particular, you’ll only need to arrange them according to your needs. Thus, the principal characteristics of this theme are.

  • Completely responsive and numerous designs.
  • Several blog fashions.
  • Visual builder for Shopify.
  • Multi-currency, multilingual and parallax
  • Item carousel, mega menu, slider, and wish list.


With this Shopify template, you can display your items efficiently and appealingly. Also, this straightforward and stylish theme indeed characterizes a commendable diversity of attributes. But, despite it being a free template, it involves some absolute characteristics. Thus below are some of its principal qualities.

  • Two distinct designs.
  • Slide display and item filtering
  • Consumer reference and homepage video.
  • Appropriate for a single item.
  • Multilevel menu and item endorsement


If you are searching for a free Shopify jewelry theme, supply is the template you should consider. Indeed, it’s one of the ideal Shopify templates in the market. Since it has a stylish interface with essential performance, this template comes with two distinct designs. Furthermore, the theme is appropriate for advertising fashion-connected items. Such as jewelry, watches, etc. Here are the principal characteristics of this template.

  • Assortment filtering.
  • Appropriate for massive listings.
  • Characterizes collections
  • Two distinct designs.
  • Slide display for different items.


Shopify jewelry themes

This is an eye-catching premium style Shopify theme. Additionally, it comes with a colossal likeness. And item concentrated design, furthermore, with its different assortment of designs. You can advertise several kinds of niche involving jewelry, men & women clothes, timepieces. And other same classification items.
Also, product-concentrated design assists you in getting extra sales and contact. Moreover, you can also set up an expert Shopify shop with its exclusive attribute. Without getting help from professionals. Thus, its main qualities are.

  • Item swift view and depiction zoom
  • Slideshow and homepage video.
  • Two menu choices involving horizontal and slide out
  • Tacky exploration.


Shopify jewelry themes

Indeed, a mix of powerful attributes. And stylish layout makes a template admirable and attractive. Thus, Logancee is an undistinguishable type of responsive eCommerce theme. Also, Ardent and skilled designers craft it. This is to guarantee the most exceptional end-user experience. Furthermore, this theme is appropriate for an expert website designer and the trader. To set up an artistic presence online. Additionally, it involves a large number of attributes to handle several projects’ types. Thus, the main characteristics of this template are.

  • Various Ajax cart and design.
  • Limitless header style and color
  • Well recorded and advance template choice.
  • Fifteen plus innovative home page
  • First-class assistance.     

The best Top 8 Shopify jewelry stores  

When it comes to making a buy on the web, there is hardly any person who relishes a mess. Above all, visiting a jewelry shop, prospective consumers expect to discover. The craved items as swiftly as possible. Sadly, it’s only out of the question if its a disarranged site and poorly designed. Besides, it’s all about the fifteen seconds decree. But, if visitors don’t understand what to do, within that time, they’ll leave for the rival’s shop. Here are the best top Shopify jewelry stores.

Finn Jewelry

Shopify jewelry themes

Award-winning architects manage this firm. Indeed they place all their deep affection into generating modern jewelry. Additionally, each ornament is elegant and stylish. Furthermore, many of them have an authentic quality about them, which is sure to turn heads. But the costs here are much higher. However, you are going to get the worth of your money. Also, the making of jewelry is of the ideal standard material. Thus you do not have to fret about them affecting your skin.

By charlotte

Shopify jewelry themes

Of course, this is amongst the best jewelry powered by Shopify store. It boasts a cleansed layout with no sidetracking components. In fact, there is a thorough deliberation of each particular. Also, it fits in the general layout idea. Furthermore, this electronic commerce website is well structured. Thus it guarantees a simple understanding of the material.
Additionally, the site hooks on audiences from the initial seconds through. A bar at the peak providing free freight. But, although such a strategy isn’t extraordinary, it’s, without a doubt, works.

Ring to perfection.

Shopify jewelry themes

This is the next illustrative of the most beautiful Shopify jewelry themes. In truth, the website uses a blogging method to entice consumers. Furthermore, the staff for the site craft posts for blogs. On different subjects relating to jewels niche. They depend on pertinent keywords to get standard organic traffic. Consequently, because of optimized content, this technique brings over 35% of its audience. Also, the site capitalizes on the Facebook advertisement to increase their web viewers.


This theme comes with an entire lot of attributes. Besides, it involves new homepage designs, footer, and header choices. In addition to that are assortments, item page difference, fonts, and color choices. Also, site slides jointly with many placards. The intended use of the homepage is to underscore brand-new and featured items. At the same time, the advanced explore system will enable audiences. To locate what they are searching for. Thus, it’s vital when it comes to offering a perfect exploration encounter.


Vrai is an outstanding Shopify jewelry theme shop. That provides beautiful jewelry from daily necessities to engagement and marriage bands. In particular, once you arrive at the website. You realize its production was with consumers in mind. Thus, to start with, this website is all about high standard expert depiction. But despite the heaps of representations, the site has a rapid load speed for pages. Certainly, load speed is necessary for any internet shop.


Luilu is a jewelry shop that focuses on making each woman feel special by generating her style. Above all, it’s fundamental to discover items stressing your uniqueness with their site. For starters, there’s a thorough arrangement of products beneath classifications. Also, the location of all these classifications is on the central menu. Thus, it makes exploration as straightforward as possible. Therefore, whether rings or chains fascinate you, you see where to proceed at once.
Additionally, getting on the assortment page, the search procedure will be much favorable. Furthermore, you can do item classification according to their novelty, cost top-selling features. Thus beyond doubt, it can save much of your effort and time.

Satya Jewelry

Satya Scainetti discovered this store. Additionally, Sanskrit is the other name. It’s an Indo-Aryan dialect of the earliest Indian subcontinent, which means truth. Certainly, Satya had a vision that she would produce the jewelry. Furthermore, she envisioned that she would start donating to kids all over the globe. Consequently, fifteen years down the line, her fantasy is a fact. Also, she creates astounding gems, which are handmade and expressive.
Moreover, she includes gemstones into her jewelry, which makes them unique and exceptional. Besides, only can you get magnificent jewelry from this store, but also. A percentage of contribution of each sale is for kids’ charities around the world.

Chery diva

This is a brand based in the United Kingdom. Their devotion is to bring you cheap and stylish jewel from across the globe. It’s tour started from disappointment attempt of Boho jewelry’s location on the Highstreets. They realized that shops didn’t provide much diversity. And what was being presented was costly. They started sourcing items from overseas and began selling their merchandise. Relying on which side of the Atlantic sea you were. Today, they have shifted onto producing their line of jewels. They have a significant social network presence. Furthermore, famous people even cherish their items.

The above are some of the best Shopify jewelry themes and stores. You can choose any of the above themes to use in your start-up business. Also, know that integrating your store with the JewelerCart shopping cart system. It will enable your store to operate efficiently without a hitch. This is because the JewelerCart resource planning system will manage your inventory efficiently

Best Shopify Jewelry Themes in 2020

 With a cautiously hand-selected Shopify jewelry themes listing, you can produce a worthy e-commerce site. We all understand how favored jewelry is, and new businesses are regularly emerging. While crafting and creating the item, may take a lot of time, you only genuinely require to expend some minutes on starting online with a useful, contemporary, and impressive web shop. Above all, if you discover a design that’s exactly to your preference, you need to upload your item, enhance it with other custom-built content, and business particulars, and you’ll be set to running your online business. 

On your trip to the prosperous production of a web jewelry and additions shop, you’ll not need to craft one code line. Thus the below Shopify jewelry themes are extraordinary chances for each person to begin a web business. Whether a novice or a specialist in the field with a firm web existence, you can tell your narrative and get on a more individual level with your prospective customers. You may even launch a blog and move things to a whole new level with planned content marketing. Therefore, below are the best Shopify jewelry themes. 


Starting a contemporary brand-new and impressive jewelry shop swiftly occurs than you may consider with corona’s application. This beautiful theme will take care of everything for you. First, it ushers five diverse homepages blueprints as well as a complete RTL format. This theme is additionally fully translatable and supports several legal tenders. Additionally, other essential internal page outlines, blog attributes, mega menu, and prearranged mega styles are also segments of this theme. With a suitable page builder for drag and drop, you can do all the alterations and enhancements to exactly fit this theme to your preference. The theme is also optimized for a mobile gadget, fast loading rate, and search engines in line with all well-known internet browsers. Naturally, the performance of your web jewelry store will consistently be first class. 

Ap Twices    

This theme has everything you need to begin an internet business. It’s a perfect theme for diverse intentions and aims involving disposing of jewelry, timepieces, accessories, etc. There are several various fronts, and inner page outlines for you to blend and complement by your linking. Generally, you have one thousand two hundred alternatives with this theme, quickly discovering the correct appearance for your dream site. The theme also has got all the present-day internet regulations and rules to warrant unforgettable presentations. It’s fast when loading, a hundred percent responsive, retina-ready, and cross-browser agreeable. Other features include cross and upsell, lively checkout studs, and an autocomplete search.  


This is a complete jewelry powered by Shopify theme with a vast assortment of 8 light and dark demos. You’ll have no difficulty discovering the correct appearance for your ecommerce site. If you would love to brand and alter its default settings, you can also do that. Additionally, if you’re searching for an RTL type, you’ll also get that with it. Few other page outlines that come with it involve item descriptions, shop, contact, and cart. While you may apply this theme for the jewelry shop, you can also use it to drop off and sell affiliate items. You have lots of choices and prospects to have the most out of this theme with simplicity. 


 When it comes to this theme there are no limitations. Indeed, it might be perfect for makeup and beauty. However, you can also significantly gain from all its attributes and performances in jewelry selling. With the contemporary and trendy blueprint, every visitor will have a blast sailing throughout your content, examining what’s new and buying. In brief, it’s safe to state that this is a glamourous Shopify jewelry theme that’ll get you moving with effectiveness.

 The assortments of conveniences that come with it are enormous. You’ll get all kinds of tools such as sliders, transaction counter, currency and blog feature, newsletter crop up, mega menu, etc. if you would prefer to globalize or localize your site, you can also do that, with this theme.   


 This sturdy, useful, and impressive theme has you protected with all the essentials for an internet store that exactly fulfills your anticipations. You don’t receive a single but four diverse styles, all attractive and extremely captivating. Keeping that in mind, you can utilize them as they are. Alternatively, you can additionally level things with your inventiveness. It’s quite evident that this theme comprises a relative abundance of attributes. Alchemy additionally comes with inner page outlines, slide show, multilevel menu, sticky navigation, contact form, and homepage film. 


If you’re searching for a perfect Shopify theme for lavish jewelry and add-ons, you shouldn’t miss lartique. This beautiful website canvas is a genuine eye charmer—gratitude to its modern and clean design. Instantly, you’ll get a chance to pick from five diverse homepage specimens. This theme also involves other inner pages, and it’s swift and straightforward when setting up an ecommerce site.

 Once you’ve resolved to work with this theme, you’ll gain from loads of perks. This will enable your site to become unique. The sketch is also in conformity with all favored gadgets, retina displays, and internet browsers. The theme is also search engine optimization friendly, enabling your ecommerce business to attain finer rankings in search outcomes. Finally, the lartique comes with animations, vertical and horizontal mega menus, and social sharing buttons. 


If you’re looking for a nonpaid option to all other paid Shopify jewelry themes, consider Supply. This theme assures results that’ll turn heads, expertly present your business and have sales going robust. While there are two demos to pick from, Light version comes perfect for pieces and add-ons. 

This is a beautiful theme if you’d like to stuff your internet shop with many items. It comprises sidebar, search function, social network icons, drop-down menu, etc. Additionally, its outline immediately adjusts to tablets, desktops, and smartphones and operates without a problem on several contemporary internet browsers.     


This is a modern and clean Shopify jewelry themes that assures excellent shopping encounters. With this theme, you can generate more display for your shop or brand and submit all your items to the user in the best possible light. Kagami also comes with a lively masonry stylish framework that keeps things tidy and neat in less regard for the gadget and website they utilize. With the sketch and all the technical features of an ecommerce site cleared up, you understand that you can start on the web almost instantly with this theme. A few other conveniences of the Kagami comprise item recommendation, film support, sticky header, and slide show, etc. 


Beauty, style, and worldliness are the three significant features of this theme. It’s a great theme that generates great encounters- gratitude to its inventiveness and modern appearance. Remember, this theme additionally handles large and small-scale listings without a grapple. Whether you have a compact jewelry shop or are a colossal retailer, this theme handles any size for your satisfaction. While several might find it only faultless out of the package, you can additionally take further steps and make alterations. The theme treats you to an assemblage of attributes such as legal tender, switcher, grid, blog outline, style outline, item rollover, slider, drop-down menu, etc. In a similar style as all other themes in this assortment, Expression is also mobile set, agreeable with internet browsers, and is retina cordial. 


For any person who’d like to merge the basic appearance with the attractiveness, they better look at Atlantic. This is a trendy theme. Therefore, it presents your items in a manner that’ll wow customers. In brief, this theme will generate a powerful and unforgettable effect on everyone visiting your site. Not only that, but with the clear-cut appearance that it shows off, you can also encounter an enhancement in conversions, which naturally everyone struggles for. The blueprint and the alluring look of this theme is one thing. However, there are additionally all these treats that come with it for you to implement. The theme functions with a considerable number of items- some of its extra features worth mentioning are slider, quick buy, homepage video, multi-column menu, etc. 


shopify jewelry themes

With Envy, every person will be jealous of your remarkable internet jewelry shop. It’s a Shopify theme that’ll instantly get you going assisting you in setting up things swiftly and efficiently. You can currently start your internet business by selling jewelry on a global or local scale with no experience. While there’s a single style that’ll suit add-ons and jewelry entirely out of the package, Envy additionally displays three new specimens for you to consider. With the homepage solely, you can produce an excellent trip throughout your showpiece seizing a brand-new consumer directly. Naturally, the theme involves other internal pages for classification, cart, items, blog, etc. Therefore, you only blend, match, and set it. Some of its other features are huge slider, photo zoom on products, video, advancement banner, etc.. 


Shopify jewelry themes

This theme provides you a fast start of your new internet jewelry shop. With less work required, you can rapidly produce the craved site, thus immediately selling items on the web. You may either proceed with the default blueprint or can additionally boost it with your innovative touch, customize it, brand it, etc. Also, when making any refinements, you won’t need to have any programming skills. You’ll never have to get into contact with one line of code. With a brimful display picture overhead the fold, you can immediately seize everyone’s engrossment. This means, utilize the above fold segment tactically and increase your possibility. More attributes come in parallax sequel, Google maps, item swift view, testimonial, etc.        


Shopify jewelry themes

If you’d like to place a few additional sparkles on your clear-cut style, make it with this theme. It’s an exceptional Shopify theme that functions exceptionally well for jewelry advertising and other kinds of add-ons on the web. In brief, this theme is an impressive mixture that’ll do the trick, whether you’re reconfiguring your existing site or beginning fresh. With a fundamental approach, all your items will be viewed wonderfully. Additionally, whether they sight your internet jewelry store on a mobile gadget or a desktop, the theme guarantees exceptional function. Full display menu cover, color, social network schemes, promotion, hover outcomes are other few theme features that’ll do well. 

Can you customize Shopify themes?

You can custom-built your theme surroundings from your Shopify administration by utilizing the theme checker. This editor involves a toolbar and a theme preview that you can apply to append, withdraw the content, and alter your surroundings. To understand which settings are accessible for your theme, see the deed of the theme.

Are Shopify themes worth it?

One of the most usual causes for elevating to premium theme blueprint is that Shopify’s free theme may be firm and useful. However, you do not have to look closely to discover something missing in their feel and appearance. The premium theme provides more various extra alternatives for personalization and full consumer experience.

 How much are Shopify themes?

The costs span from free to a hundred and eighty dollars. For the premium themes, they are just a one-time outlay. Therefore, there are no reoccurring monthly levies. While you might believe that it’s too huge of direct funding, you can choose a free premium and perceive how that goes as you develop your shop. 

Why are Shopify themes so expensive?

Since these themes are extra possible to have less standard coding, standard management, few attributes, and aid levels, saving even a hundred dollars on your first buy can wind up costing a great deal. This is when you need assistance decoding their theme folders or wish to go in and tailor-made the code. 

What happens if I alter my Shopify theme?

While you will not lose your blog posts, pages, navigation, collections, or products by altering your theme, you’ll lose any correction made to your CSS/HTML edit and custom-built theme pages. Traders usually make on the fly modifications to these regions and fail to remember about them.  

The leading Shopify jewelry stores to motivate you in 2020

Jewelry has consistently been favored either as a fashion product or an investing piece. Now with the increase in internet commerce, there are more Shopify jewelry stores than before. This also means new shops that are not living up to high standards than you anticipate. Additionally, the new stores being set up, the increasing rivalry you’ll have. Here are some of the best Shopify jewelry stores in 2020.

YCL Jewels

Shopify jewelry themes

This store produces handcrafted jewelry. They plan and produce items in-house and also do work with artisans abroad. Their jewelry pieces attract inventiveness from day to day life and are based in Australia. Fabienne discovered this business- she’s a didact craftsman jeweler and designer. Her jewelry blueprint has been mentioned as being ladylike and basic. The store trusts that beauty should not come at the price of animal pain and pretentiously brags that they’ll never utilize animals’ by-products in their production process. 


Shopify jewelry themes

Wearlex offers excellent sentiments through their handmade and stylish jewelry. A reoccurring theme for many individuals beginning a business. This store was discovered by Lex. She was searching for jewelry but got tired and sick of looking in the same malls and only getting similar products. Therefore, since she’s a producer and a designer, she ventured into starting crafting jewelry of low cost, would sustain more than single wear, and more essentially non-identical. 

Metal marvels 

This is one of the top Shopify jewelry stores launched by Katie. It commemorates independence, crushing categorization about how a lady should act and encourages the healthy, meaningful nature of vowing like a seafarer. This store came into being when Katie was looking for add-ons that would enhance her conviction and not cost anything. This was from her having numerous less than adequate tasks. However, during her exploration, she could only discover jewelry that was largely ladylike and fussy. Stuff that did not go with her courage. She started crafting her jewelry and began from there.  

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