Role into the Robbie brand new Reindeer [ ]

Role into the Robbie brand new Reindeer [ ]

Physical appearance [ ]

Kion, Jasiri, Janja, Chungu, Tiifu and Zuri in addition to Zootopian references is © Disney Art by capthairball Struck him right up, the guy really does high work. Which roster determined of the my story “Unbounded love”, chapter “Sisi Ni Sawa”

Robbie Ignacious Hillary are a masculine reindeer and the chief protagonist of the Robbie The Reindeer clips. He’s the fresh kid out-of Rudolph and you will good not familiar lady reindeer, new like focus, after boyfriend and you will ultimate spouse out-of Procurer additionally the most recent Head of one’s sleigh cluster.

Hooves Out-of Flame [ ]

Robbie happens when you look at the Coldchester inside the . As he gets to the new reindeer’s home Reindeer Resorts, they are welcomed because of the team’s captain Blitzen just who introduces your to another reindeer age.grams. Prancer and you will Vixen (that is along with Blitzen’s wife) in which he upcoming shows off his nose’s efficiency (record countries to your a globe Procurer gets him and then have discussing in which Donner’s expensive yogurts (tasty donuts regarding the American version) are to it are revealed Prancer ate him or her). Later, Robbie is visible having Procurer who’s exhibiting him to his area. Whenever expected by Procurer why the guy involved get in on the team in the event the he’s not to the get it done, Robbie responses that their father sent your to help you reputation generate as he is easily sidetracked, which is demonstrated real as he captures sight from Vixen and you will drops in love with the lady.

He or she is later on noticed in new reindeer’s gymnasium in which Blitzen (who is applying for your off the group to acquire right back within Rudolph getting overshadowing him) convinces him to cease exercise and provide him a cheeseburger, fries, a pipeline and you may a papers. 1 month after Robbie will be viewed having Procurer, whom work physio to the him, informing the girl from countrymatch-bureaublad the his love for Vixen, much in order to Donner’s dismay because she by herself keeps a beneficial break on the Robbie) and claims which he can not correspond with girls but Donner states that he can communicate with her that Robbie feedback of the stating that they can end up being because they’re friends. A bored stiff Procurer next connections Robbie within the knots and you will simply leaves him truth be told there. He is up coming seen looking from the Vixen once the Prancer checks out out an invite the team have to go so you can Santa Claus’s party.

He could be after viewed in addition to the almost every other reindeer during the Santa Claus’s group, in which the guy encounters Vixen just who informs him one she is delivered flowers and this she realized which they where regarding him due to the fact they were inexpensive, prior to taking walks out of for the disgust which have Robbie saying that it was the fresh all money he had. After at people Santa presents the sleigh with a stereo, a chatting ashtray and a great GPS (which was extra by the Blitzen), Robbie next believes one to his put on the group is finished however, Santa assures him he gets toward cluster for as long as he could be fit plus in shape.

Just after coming back throughout the class, Robbie is seen gazing upwards in the a painting of Rudolph. Blitzen following will come and tells Robbie that he becomes with the the group anyway because Santa preferred his father, however the sleigh is slow and several youngsters perhaps not score the gift ideas, however, Robbie may not be blamed, their dad will in order to have him. Hearing so it, Robbie decides to get off and you will go homeward, fun Blitzen.

Later on Robbie is suspended during the ice because of the several elves and in case unfrozen Robbie convinces them to let your work in their mind. Once failing woefully to painting dolls and brush (in which he generated several toys Sebastian MuscleWhale and you will OctoMonkey), Robbie is demoted in order to forklift until Procurer comes and you will says to your about Blitzen’s real motives. To start with Robbie is doubtful as he believes you to Blitzen was their best friend, but changes their mind as he notices your tossing clear things at the a photograph off him. Robbie and you will Procurer select coaches to rehearse Robbie for the Reindeer Online game as well as the only 1 in your neighborhood is Old Jingle, just who in the beginning refuses proclaiming that he’s got resigned, however, transform his notice after reading on Blitzen, even after never hearing from him.

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