Management with Excel

With our completely integrated Excel solution, you can create new products, update existing details, control inventory, and/or provide marketplace specific information without leaving your file. Excel works in any situation, but it is especially robust if you deal with large volumes of data, get CSV files from your vendor, create your own Amazon listings, love using formulas, or are just a fan of the Excel format.

Excel is easy to use with JewelerCart

Some systems give you an Excel option, but it is difficult or complicated. Not us. Simply use the correct column headers and our system takes care of the rest.

Avoid Redundancies
With Excel you don’t need to enter the same information over and over.Quickly copy and paste data or use simple “=” formulas.

List to multiple marketplaces at the same time
You can set up one file that will list your items to multiple marketplaces. No need to log into each marketplace separately and start from scratch.

Keep your formulas
if you use formulas, you can leave them intact when you upload your file into JewelerCart. You do not need to import results by copying all of your cells and performing a “Paste as Values” action or saving as some other formate.

There are two options for getting your data out of our system and into Excel:

Export: Export data from all areas in your JewelerCart account.

Retrieve: Information can be retrieved directly into an Excel template.This is a greate option because you dont have

to leave Excel and the information populates your file formatted exactly the way you want it.