Customers want to be certain that they purchase the best, and that their customers are happy with their service. To get the best to them, accessibility is the key. This is where Jewelercart comes in.

Jewelercart.com is a diamond jewelry webservice that list and sells your diamonds and jewelry inside of Amazon.com, Sears.com, Google.com and Ebay.com it also includes a state of the art diamond jewelry website that uses Ring Builder technology, a flexible, brand able tool that lets consumers create their own diamond rings and earrings on your website using diamonds from your online inventory.

This lets your customers see their ring and determine the shape and size of the diamond(s) that best complete the look they want. Additionally this software integrates with Rapaport, Idex, Polygon, Stuller, Quality Gold and Unique Settings as well as your own inventory for jewelry and diamonds.

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Why are Jewelers choosing Jeweler Cart 7.0?

For the same number of reasons that users want to stay updated. Our jewelry software and shopping cart are built on a very flexible framework and can be readily customized for user needs. The jewelry shopping cart can be further customized to meet some unique requirements of your business.

  • Complete Jewelry E-commerce shopping cart system
  • Fully Integrated with Rapnet downloading over 100k stones
  • 60 Built in 3D rings
  • Diamond Search
  • Build your own ring
  • Build your own 3 Stone Ring
  • Build Your own Pendant
  • Build Your own Earrings
  • Ebay and Amazon Compatibility
  • Most standard shopping cart software don't meet jewelry store requirements
  • Allowing user to select ring sizes, earring screw backs etc.
  • Calculating ring cost based metal selection
  • Allowing users to create and manage and buy from wishlists
  • Jeweler requirements make it difficult for generic shopping carts impractical to use for the need of jewelry e-commerce and shopping needs.
  • Custom programming on these shopping carts proves to be very expensive.
  • Ability to select from a range of metal options of the same product using a drop down
  • Administration panel to update all inventory and prices
  • Display customer feedback for jewelry items
  • Secure online transactions using SSL certification
  • Paypal and bank gateway integration
  • User can directly add products to shopping cart or a wishlist

Diamond Listing Features

  • Automatic diamond download from rapnet with retail price mark up.
  • Automatic diamond update in database when diamond has been sold from rapnet.
  • Automatic and manual diamond listing in ebay with optional additional price markup for ebay.
  • Automatic diamond listing termination before ebay duration is up when diamond is no longer on rapnet.
  • Manual submission of diamond to ebay by enter lot or company id.

Ebay.com and Amazon.com Features

Ebay Amazon
Bulk Editing Jeweler Cart Feature Jeweler Cart Feature
End item Jeweler Cart Feature Jeweler Cart Feature
Quantity update Jeweler Cart Feature Jeweler Cart Feature
Store categories integrated with Jewelercart 2.0 Jeweler Cart Feature Jeweler Cart Feature
Stamps.com integration for usps Jeweler Cart Feature Jeweler Cart Feature
Ability to create shipping label Jeweler Cart Feature Jeweler Cart Feature
Different price mockup for ebay submissions Jeweler Cart Feature Jeweler Cart Feature
Synchronization inventory between Ebay and Amazon Jeweler Cart Feature Jeweler Cart Feature
Repricing feature for brand name items
for competitive pricing.(note:for watches only)
Jeweler Cart Feature Jeweler Cart Feature

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"Amazing to see how Jewelercart manages thousands of
diamonds in Ebay."

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