Jewelry & Diamond Ebay Integration Georgia

It’s no secret that listing on eBay can be complex.Our tools make creating and managing your eBay listings simple.

Save listing options to make launching new listings quick and easy

Don’t waste time setting your listing options one product at a time .With JewelerCart listing management software, create eBay templates with your shipping options, return policy, Item Specifics, etc. Save multiple templates, so offering different options on different listings is no problem. When you list a product, you simply choose the template with the correct set of options and you are ready to sell.

Simplify your listing process

Our powerful Microsoft Excel integration allows you to create complete eBay listings by entering some basic data in a spreadsheet. You can also add information for other marketplaces in the same file to create a streamlined listing process.

Quickly create variation

JewelerCart makes it easy to launch parent/child listings. Every child item gets its own Custom Label, so you get complete price and quantity management on each child item. We also support variation listings with multiple drop down menus, and listings where the image updates when the option in one of the drop downs is changed, like with a color variation.

Easily launch eBay Motors

We worked closely with our Motors clients to make creating fitments easier. We give you several options for building, managing, and editing them.

Update your live listings

Quantity and price updates happen automatically. You have several ways to update your live listings if you need to change your title, shipping options, return policy, Item Specifics, etc. You definitely dont have to close your listing every time you need to make a change

Automatically fill in your eBay Descriptions listings with Fitments data

That eBay Description at the bottom of the listing gets a lot easier to work with when it automatically fills in with information and photos. A simple text-based eBay Description, or a professionally designed template with logos, backgrounds, and hypertext menus, will work with JewelerCart. You can auto populate the title, model number, MSRP, description, images, and so on.

And more…

Additional features include: support for the Global Shipping Program, Strikethrough Pricing support, duplicate listing prevention, the ability to hide your actual stock levels, free Auction scheduling, and the list goes on.