Bulk Listing

JewelerCart gives you a centralized location for launching new listings, editing existing ones, and controlling the quantities and prices on all your listings.

Launch and edit listings

Our eBay listing tools make listing faster and easier than listing directly through eBay. You can list to existing Amazon and Buy.com listings with very little information. New Amazon listings can be created right through our system, which offers advantages over listing directly on Amazon Seller Central. Items may also be listed to any of the web stores we are integrated with, too. Live listings can be edited without closing and re-launching them.

List your entire inventory on every marketplace

You can list all of your items for sale on each marketplace. Quantity changes are sent to the marketplaces automatically to avoid oversells.

Hide your actual quantity on any marketplace

This is a nice feature. You can set JewelerCart to constantly send a fixed quantity, such as 2, to a marketplace even though you have more than 100 in stock. That way you can create a sense of urgency in your buyer. This feature can also help with the inventory value limits on eBay. These settings can be applied in bulk or fine-tuned on individual listings.

Withhold items from any marketplace

A simple setting allows you to send less than your full quantity to any marketplace. This can be a great way to avoid oversells for people who use vendors and drop shipping.

Update your quantities automatically

No matter what strategy you choose, quantities will update automatically, and listings will close when you want them to. You also have complete flexibility to mix and match quantity options.

Control your prices

You can sell items for the same price on each marketplace, or set a different price on each listing. Pricing can be tied to your cost. Automatic repricing is also available on some marketplaces. Price changes in JewelerCart are automatically sent to the marketplaces.