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Selling on Amazon can get pretty hectic. Jewelercart helps you keep your process simple, inventory accurate, and prices competitive.

List one item to multiple ASINs

Multiple listings on Amazon can be really difficult to manage. If you list to all of them, keeping your inventory accurate and prices straight can be a nightmare. If you don’t list to all of them, you could be losing out on sales.With JewelerCart ,you can list one SKU to multiple ASINs. If you have sale on one listings,We’ll update the quantity on all your other listings.We can automatically reprice of the listings too.

Quickly add yourself to existing listings

Hopping onto listings that already exist on Amazon is easy, just provide JewelerCart with a UPC or ASIN and a price or automated pricing rule.

Simplify processes by creating new listings through JewelerCart

Because our platform can create listings on all of the marketplaces, you can manage all of your listings in one spreadsheet, which makes for a streamlined process. We also already have your quantity and some of your product information, so you don’t have to fill in all of the columns on Amazon flat files.etter yet, you can delete all the columns you never use from Amazon flat files and keep any Excel formulas intact. You do not need to save the file in Text format before uploading into JewelerCart.

Update live listings

Quantity and price changes are automatically pushed to Amazon. If you are listed to an existing listing, you can update your Amazon Condition Note through JewelerCart. If you create a new listing on Amazon, you can update any part of it through JewelerCart

Reprice your listings automatically

Setting a competitive price on Amazon is critical. Our system offers you the control you need to carefully automate price adjustments based on your competitor’s prices.Many of our client see a significant boost in their sales when they start using our Amazon repricer.

Manage variation listings

When tagging onto existing variation listings, our system uses the UPC or ASIN to put your child items on the correct listings. Creating your own listings is no problem either. Jewelercart supports all of the variation options offered by Amazon. Each child item has its own quantity and price, and the repricer prices each child item independently. Every item in your family will have the correct quantity and price on Amazon.