Amazon Repricer

Proper Pricing Is The Key

Amazon sellers know that pricing itms properly is the biggest key to success.Thats’why letting JewelerCart automatically set competitive price can really boost your sales.Our reprice is easy to use and it’s included with your JewelerCart account for no additional charge.

Never sell too high or too low

You set a Minimum Price Floor to insure you never sell your items below your lowest acceptable price. You can also set a Maximum Price Ceiling to keep your prices reasonable even if your competitors are priced too high.

Beat, match, or charge more than other sellers

it’s up to you whether you want to beat the lowest price,match it,or set your price higher.

Increase your profits

We want you to make the most money possible! If you are priced too low, we will increase your price to maximize your profits. You can even set up rules to be more expensive than the competition to prevent profit erosion.

Hold onto the Buy Box

More time spent in the Buy Box equals more sales. If you’re holding the Buy Box and your price increases,you might get kicked out of it.We have a setting that allows you to customize how much of a price gap you are willing to accept if you are in the Buy Box so you don’t price up and risk losing it.For example .if you normally beat the competition by $0.01.you might choose to allow a gap of up to $0.25 to develop between you and the next cheapest seller if you are holding the Buy Box.

Account for shipping fees, so your Price + Shipping is the lowest

Both your shipping fees and your competitor fees, are considered when calculating your sell price, so your Price + Shipping will end up where you want it.

Include Amazon’s commission in your price

you dont need to calculate Amazon’s commission into your costs.We can do that for you.That way if you want at least a 20% profit, you will get that 20% back after Amazon has already taken their cut.

Adjust for product condition when repricing

You will only compete with sellers offering the product in the same condition you as yours. If there are not any other sellers offering your condition, you can add filters to set a higher price than sellers with a lesser condition, or a lower price than sellers with a better condition.

Compete differently with FBA sellers

You can set different price margins for competing with FBA sellers than with non-FBA merchants. If you are not an FBA seller, you can get more aggressive with the FBA merchants. If you are an FBA seller, you can choose to set higher prices than non-FBA sellers, but lower prices than other FBA merchants.

Save multiple rules

You can create multiple rules to make sure all your items reprice properly. One popular reason to have different rules is to set different minimum profit margins for different selling price ranges.A 10% profit on a $5.00 order does not leave you much return ,while a 10% profit on a $175.00 sale is much better.