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Evolution of jewelercart.com

Jewelercart.com owes its evolution to the mastermind and CEO behind its invention, Frederick Jones who developed the Jewelercart 1.0 version platform in 2002. In 2008 he developed the eBay and Amazon marketplace plugins for Jeweler Cart. In 2014 he began to develop crawler applications to import products from remote websites and ultimately developed his own POS and ERP framework.

Jewelercart.com is not only the first closed source E-commerce Jewelry Platform. It is more than that. It is the outcome of 18 years of Fred’s consistent struggle to transform his vision into the ideal jewelry E-commerce platform.

It is the World’s first and most powerful diamond jewelry shopping cart platform designed for jewelers to grow their business more efficiently. Its 21 unique quality points makes it the most competitive diamond jewelry e-commerce platform on the market. Learn more about our quality points click here now.


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